Saturday, July 22, 2006

Just Killing Time

Only about an hour yet and my husband will be home. He's been gone all week in St. Louis....yes, with the storm and all - the heat and the power failure.

I'm sure some of the other blogsites will be happy that I will have adult conversation again and won't be seeking it as much from theirs. They hopefully will take comfort in the fact that they preserved my sanity this week.

Soon we're looking forward to heading off to Nevada and California. Disneyland, two Dodger games (at least), the ocean...and oohhh the restaurants. We are getting an In-n-Out Burger as soon as we leave the airport. I insist. Not to mention Rubios, Crocodile Cafe, and even Jack in the Box has been triggering cravings lately. Wrap that up with the most important thing...time with friends and family.


Marie N. said...

Safe and happy travels!

Mediocre Minister's Wife said...

I'm taking my daughter to Chapman University in August.It's her freshman year. It's located near Disneyland. Are you from that area originally?
I'm glad you made it through the storms. I've been watching CNN and they've been showing clips of the bad weather.
Hope to hear your hubby made it home safe. Been praying for that!
Have a good weekend. Is it Sunday already? Always seems like there are six Sundays in a week for pastors and their families.
Take care and God bless!
Mediocre Minister's Wife

Jane said...

Glad the hubby is home safely. When you get back from CA I'm ready for a field trip and a knitting lesson!

Rebellious Pastor's Wife said...

Anytime Jane!!!