Wednesday, February 06, 2008


A lot of us observe some sort of fast for Lent, whether it be giving up something that is important to us or that we see ourselves too reliant upon, or engaging in an actual fast or some variation thereof.

Pastor Esget has enlisted the help of St. John Chrysostom to dig down to the heart of the matter of fasting, to point us to one of the real reasons it should be done....It's worth checking out.


Karleen said...

I'm a fellow Lutheran stopping by from DogMom's blog. I was just curious to know whether you ever peruse many of the other Lutheran blogs listed on the side of your site. I'm really good friends with the author of "A Beggar At The Table," and it threw me for a second to see his link over there. His wife's blog is also on your list. Anyway, I was just wondering. :-)

On the topic of giving something up for Lent, does it count if it's something you're forced to give up anyway? ;-)

Have a wonderful day! :-)

The Rebellious Pastor's Wife said...

Hi Karleen,

The links to the left on the blog are a list of Lutheran Blogs compiled by the gentleman who hosts the blog "Aardvark Alley." It's the "Big Blog Roll of Aark" I don't have the time to read all of them, but I do frequently read "A Beggar At the Table." And DogMom is a really wonderful lady!

As far as "does it count if it is something that you have to give up anyway." That's a good question.

I would have to say, I think it is in the attitude. I'll take me for example. I Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, a condition that messes with my entire body (and sometimes my mind) and is caused by insulin resistance. I'm giving up wheat and sugar. I'm supposed to give it up anyway, and for more than six weeks. But I have given them up several times and it is always quite a struggle.

But I'm trying not to take the attitude of "well, I have to give these up anyway, so it might as well be them." I'm trying to take more of the attitude of "God,you've given me so many good gifts in this life, and as long as my weight and my health are an issue, I know I am missing out on them. I don't have the energy to enjoy my children. I don't have the patience that I should, and I don't enjoy the body that You gave me. I know what I have to do. But I can't. I haven't been able to even though I know that I have needed to for the last six years."

So when I am craving these things, I want to focus on those thoughts, and I want to pray for God's help, and thank Him for His lovingkindness and focus on how since I know He loves me so much that He sent His Son to die for me, how much more is He going to help me in this little thing? And when I feel weak, I know that I AM weak. And any strength that I have I know comes from Christ through the Spirit that He has given me through baptism, in this, and in every other thing I contend with in this life.

I don't know how "traditionally" Lent that is...but in the end, what you give up if you give up anything, ends up being between you and God anyway. It is not something you must do, but it generally is supposed to be something that matters to you.

Andrea said...


I stumbled upon your blog as I was searching for info on Lutheran Homeschoolers for a friend. Would you be willing to post on my blog some resources us? Her son should be starting Kindergarten this fall, and she isn't finding much in our area (ND)


Karleen said...

It's a small world out there on the internet, isn't it? I've known Pastor Klages since before he was even a seminarian. He's a great guy. :-)

It really is an interesting question and I greatly enjoyed reading your thoughts on the matter. The actual prompting behind my question was really to be a little funny. (Since you don't know me, let me clarify that I personally think there is nothing wrong with joking about some of these things as long as we still really do take it seriously and by joking we are not leading someone astray.) Anyway, my husband and I have joked a couple of times that we're giving each other up for Lent because he's in Korea and I'm in Kansas--but it is neither something we are doing by really any sort of choice, nor is it something that God would want us to give up for Lent, since He designed marriage for us to be together, not separated.

Anyway, it's just one of the ways we try to find humor in the situation, especially since we will be reunited for a time shortly after Easter. :-)

The Rebellious Pastor's Wife said...

Hi Karleen,

I definitely don't mind a sense of humor when it comes to these things, and we've had similar situations :) I'm glad your separation won't be too long!