Saturday, February 02, 2008

Well Put....

I must have watched 3 debates while I was on vacation in Hawaii (I know, completely nuts, but the fact of the matter was that there was time to!). I listened to each of the candidates over and over again, and found myself completely puzzled over why everyone considered John McCain to be so downright evil.

I have admired his ability to take issues and bring both parties together on them. I know that McCain-Feingold has ticked off Republicans because pro-life causes and others cannot donate as much money to their causes, but then again, it means that pro-choice and unions cannot donate as much to Democrats as well, so I am not really that bothered. Too much is spent anyway.

But my friend Cheryl has a very good post today here regarding John McCain, and while not my first choice (I also liked Thompson), I am pleased to find the statistics to backup behind what McCain has been saying all along. I honestly believe that this time, Rush is wrong, and so are many others. McCain is the most conservative choice, and he is conservative on the issues that matter most to the Republican worldview.

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Jane said...

My problem with the campaign finance reform bill wasn't about the result, it was with the fact that it is an unconstitutional infringement on free speech in the very area the free speech is so important.