Monday, April 07, 2008

Coming Alive

It was 69 degrees today, and completely beautiful. I actually got my hands in the dirt for a few minutes. Chris asked to do something with me, and I said we could start on the flower beds out front, and so we got maybe 3 square feet of it weeded. I am starting to feel alive!

I am finally getting to the point where I can actually -garden-. When I had a toddler/preschooler, it was difficult. I also didn't want to. I grew up in the desert, and where we lived in California, I didn't have much space to do anything. Also, things didn't really die for the Winter. Bulbs didn't go away, they just didn't bloom. Plants known most places as house plants (like jade plants and spider plants) grew outside. Did you know that both bloom?

But here.....everything dies, and then as the snow melts away, little specks of green start pushing their way through the ground and I am paralyzed by curiosity to see what it will be. But after four years, I know where the hostas are, and I know where the daffodils are....and I know that I don't want quite that many day lilies. And I know what I want my vegetable garden to look like, and while I may not exactly know what I want the beds around the house to grow...I at least know my curiosity is satiated, and I've had quite enough queen anne's lace going to seed, and those interesting things that are winding their way up to the sky grow big thistles with thorns.... :)

Happy Spring everyone!!!

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