Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A World Unto Myself

By the way, I know that the links are gone, and they will be back. I saved my original template as a Word document, and when I went to open was gone. So I have to do it manually.

(Blogging Chicks will probably not be back, since that is the one that I think makes my page take FOREVER to load up. It freezes my for two minutes every time I get on my page. If it annoys me, it has to annoy you, who isn't even benefitting from the blatant self promotion. I didn't want to be a "Large Mammal in the TTLB ecosystem anyway. I'd rather be a Cuddly Koala or something like that. What woman wants to be called a Large Mammal? PLEASE. I just happened to overshoot my mark when I was looking to "evolve" a bit.)

I also have not decided what to do about the listing of Lutheran blogs. I like it, and I am gratified by the fact that I am on the list and so many people therefore post my blog on their blogs because of their loyalty to the Lutheran Blogosphere. But it is long...and I am concerned about that.

But anyway, be patient with me. I am not thinking that I am alone here in this vast cyber space...I'm just figuring out what to do.

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Jane said...

You can use a widget for the BBOV so that it can be expanded or left as one line. Mine is from