Sunday, July 13, 2008

From "The League"

I always end up calling our fantasy baseball league "The League" with an ominous voice. It dates back to a series of commercials that ESPN had promoting their own league started with a guy contacting his friends "I'm getting THE LEAGUE back together." and then they'd run and try to get other guys. The best one was "Hey Tom, we're getting the League back together." "You keyed my car!!!" the other guy screams. "Yeah" the first one admits, "But its THE LEAGUE."

Heidi and John are the first marriage that has occurred in our Fantasy Baseball League (obviously, they knew each other outside of that). So, for this very special occasion, The League got them a commemorative baseball bat, engraved with their names, their wedding dates, and their team names, signed by all of us. This was Designated Knitter's brainchild, and she helped facilitate shipping it across the nation as well, so it could be signed by everyone.

We were the last stop on the "road trip," (living in close proximity and actually being able to attend the wedding) so it fell to us to figure out how to wrap it. I think the Commish (my ever so creative husband) did a great job, don't you? He definitely had fun with it.

We signed the card from everyone as well, and made sure to also include instructions that this cannot be used on each other, or on any of their future parishoners!!

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