Thursday, July 24, 2008

In a Tailspin

I've been a bad blogger. I know it :(

This week has been nuts. Chris was gone at Scout Camp last week...and he had a blast. He got a few merit badges, fired some rifles, got poison ivy and managed to survive....and just had a ton of fun. Maggie had a nice time being an only child for a week.

The 16th was Jeff and my 14th Anniversary. I can't believe I didn't have time to blog about that!

Sat the 19th was hugely busy. At 9:30 a.m. I picked Chris up from the church in Auburn where his Scout troop meets. Then, I dropped him off and Maggie got in the car and we took her marigold down to check in at the Allen County 4-H Fair in Fort Wayne (or is that technically Huntertown?). Which reminds me...we probably SHOULD go and water it. So if you go to the county fair, stop at the Mini-4-H Table and see Maggie's marigold. After that, we stopped at Sam's Club and ordered Maggie's birthday cake. Her birthday was a month ago, but some of her friends were out of town (and two of them had a mom in we had to make allowances), and so we waited until they were back. I couldn't believe I had done all of that by noon. I am not usually coherent until noon.

Sunday, Maggie had her 1st Communion, and that was beautiful. Then we went out to lunch with her godmother, Designated Knitter. The original plan was sushi, but the sushi restaurants weren't opening until 5:00 on Sunday, and so we ended up at Lucky's Tarrapin Grill where the kids had fun pulling the heads off crawfish....

Monday was Maggie's party at Chuck E. Cheese. I told her she can have a "special party" at 6, 12, and 18. But the big deal at 18 is she gets luggage ;)
They had a lot of fun. And, I have to admit, especially for a small group of girls like that, it was worth the money to let them do all the work.

The last couple of days have been recovery days...and today is my sweetie's birthday...So everyone say "Happy Birthday, Jeff!" or if you are more into can always call him Pastor.

Well, I've got my annual loaf of bread rising....(yes, I know it is midnight). So I am going to go now. Have a good night.

I have a plethora of blog posts in my head...but we'll have to take our chances with tomorrow.

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Presbytera said...

OK, I couldn't resist; please pass on my greetings to your husband....Happy Birthday Pastor Jeff!

I don't know about the crawfish or the Sushi but I'm glad the kids had fun.

I never gave my oldest son luggage......hmmmmm