Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I've Entered the 21st Century

In honor of Issues, Etc.'s return, I have entered the 21st Century and bought an MP3 player. After much deliberation, I have decided to not do an Ipod, and have picked up a Phillips Go Gear 4 MB instead. (for 1/3 the price). The only problem is that I can't seem to make it recognize my playlists from Windows Media Player. It just throws everything together under songs, including podcasts.

If anyone has any idea how to correct that...please let me know!


Polly said...

Lydia and I have the same player. I haven't separated anything ( at least on purpose!). I let her download stuff for me. When I scroll thru "Albums," I have one titled Issues Etc.

When taking items off itunes, we burn to a cd and then put it into Windows Media player. There might be an easier way, but I"m the wrong person to ask.

Caleb has an ipod and it's soo easy to scroll and find things. His particular model isn't made anymore. I'm drooling over the 80 gb Ipod Classic, but can't justify the expense. THe Phillips player doesn't hold much.

Michelle said...

Take it back and get the ipod! :) (just kidding - that's my sad attempt at humor)

(I really know nothing about mp3 players outside the ipods.)

I can say, though, that I completely believe that ipods are worth the expense. I saved Christmas money, birthday money and found a great price at (and yes, I am a completely biased Mac person!)

The Rebellious Pastor's Wife said...

My son has an Ipod Nano that he bought himself, and I did go back and forth on which to get. I like using Itunes but have found Windows Media Player not too bad (though I do use Itunes to download podcasts, but find that when I am done, they are in my Windows Media Player, too). I do love the way the Ipod categorizes things, but honestly, I really hate using it. I have found this to be much easier. I like the way the buttons work, and I can't imagine needing more space on it than 4 MB. I am not going to use it to store everything, and the album feature that you mentioned is good Polly.

For I-pods though, the best bargain out there is to go to the Apple Store online and get a refurbished one. They still fall under the warranty, but are MUCH cheaper.

But I have never been a Mac person. I don't see the whole "intuitive" thing. They are not for me. They just drive me nuts.

I don't want to "steer" by running my finger around in a circle. I just want an up and down arrow! My main purpose for using this isn't even to listen with headphones but to be able to listen to podcasts in the car, so I wanted something I could read and could navigate while driving. I have to say that except for the playlist thing (which would be better for my music), the album category has worked fine for that.

Thursday's Child said...

I have the 8GB iPod Nano. But I do store music on it.

Laura said...

I was actually thinking about this the other day, too. I was cleaning the basement listening to Issues....something I can do in that space. Upstairs I don't have the computer in the kitchen and that is where I would I started thinking....I am becoming a tech geek like my dh!