Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Blessed Epiphany to You All

Hey, Happy Epiphany everybody!!!

In other news:

Isn't it always the case that when you make a New Years resolution or change, that things you never wanted to do (or rarely wanted to do) that completely conflict with your original desire step in to make it THAT much harder.

Last year, I gave up soda. That was a big deal, because it was making me feel awful, and growing up, we drank Pepsi like we should've been drinking water. When I was thirsty, I craved bubbles. But we're at a year plus now, and I feel so much better.

But, given my PCOS and weight issues, I wanted to get a couple of other personal demons out of the diet, so this year, it is wheat and sugar. Maybe not forever on the wheat, but I want to give my body a good long break. That should help my insulin situation considerably (and I've already lost 3 lbs.). But my MIL got me this great cookbook that I've wanted for a long time, Jamie at Home (Jamie Oliver - the Naked Chef guy), and in it, is the most amazing pie. So today, being Epiphany, all bets are off, and I made the pie. I have never been able to master pie crust, but I think I have succeeded. Now I want to try the savory and make a chicken pot pie. But it will have to wait. And the artisanry of it always pushes me toward bread....waaaah.

I love the look of the cinnamon and raw sugar on the crust....mmmm


Joy said...

I'll take 3. You can charge me whatever you want.

I had a baby two months ago and I have hypothyroidism. My ONLY hope for getting out of the "obese" category and into the "overweight" category is to cut the carbs. And it's torture. My two older kids shouldn't be deprived because of my lack of willpower, so empty calories abound in my house. I need a swift kick in the arse. You're right--once it's forbidden, it's infinitely more alluring.

And I like your canister with the bees and butterflies.

The Ties that Bind Us said...

Oh my! I have to try a bite!

Gina said...

Sugar and wheat, oh my, I'm really working on the sugar this year, did soda last year and now the sugar has got to go, I have PCOS too. For the moment it's not being too hard, but I'm sure hard is coming and quickly!

The Rebellious Pastor's Wife said...

If it does prove too much, I will just concentrate on the sugar, though like you said, that hasn't been TOO much of a problem YET (but Easter is coming).

It is hard doing this with kids, and before when I did it, I cut their carbs, too, but allowed them rice and such. I found it also very expensive. I haven't bought bread or cereal, but we do have oatmeal - but steel cut oats, so basically whole grain. But when I have it, I add a tbsp. of coconut oil, so the fat slows down the carb absorption (and coconut oil is a thyroid supporter and increases the metabolism), along with a splash of milk and a bit of real maple syrup which also doesn't provoke an extreme insulin reaction the way sugar and corn syrup does. I've found it keeps me full, and I seem to stay level headed and lose weight on it.

But it still is hard with children...just the chaos of life makes it hard.

Joy said...

Since I don't use formula, this will be infinitely easier when Juliet turns 4 mos and the man can feed her solids so I can walk. Plus, it'll be warmer then. Plus, it'll be Lent. I always lose weight during Lent.

But I am SO going hog-wild on Easter. And you should too.

Thanks for the coconut oil tip. Maybe I can just suck that down instead of consuming half a 9x13 of brownies like I did yesterday. (no joke)

We're going on a beach vacation in August. I admit total vanity when I say I want to lose 50 lbs.

Christina said...

I stumbled upon your blog and have been enjoying it. I tried giving up soda this year, and on day four I blew it. I said to my sister-in-law,"I am changing my New Year's Resolution...to living a life of moderation." She laughed and said that was more attainable. We'll see!