Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Blue Ribbon Task Force Proposal

The District Conventions are starting, and that creates a good opportunity to reallly dig in and try to understand the Blue Ribbon Task Force Proposal for restructuring the Synod, right? After all, if we are going to completely restructure, we should fully understand it and be able to discuss it, right?

Scott Diekmann at Stand Firm has the testimonies of pastors who have just attended the North Dakota District Convention...that this is not the case. Please give this a read. It's going to be a long couple of years before this reaches the congregations, and so we all need to be up on it.

I also recommend reading the Blue Ribbon Task Force proposal and Pr. Matt Harrison's statement that is linked at the top right of my blog. It's a lot of reading, but VERY insightful. Pr. Harrison will be running for the office of president. I think he is the best hope we confessionals have had since Al Barry. God bless him, and I pray we all unite behind him.

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